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Ever thought about what you can do if you or a loved one were in an accident? It is not rare for someone to be affected by an accident, due to the careless attitude of someone else. May it be in the workplace, the street, even in the driveway. What would you do when that day comes?

Since 1948, Clay Jenkins & Associate, Law Firm, have been dealing with personal injury cases of all kind, in Ferris and all over Texas. We focus on helping people who are in dire need of assistance with personal injury claims.

Our staff comprises of top personal injury attorneys from Texas and we take each and every case as our top priority. Two lawyers are assigned to each case along with a paralegal and apt support staff to work on it. We take it as our duty to bring justice to those who suffered.

If you are suffering the aftermaths of a personal injury, contact Clay Jenkins and Associates before the statutory time runs out, to file claims on the parties responsible. Call 972-938-CLAY to get a free consultation.


Ferris Auto Accident Attorneys, DALLAS AND ELLIS COUNTY

Roads are getting more dangerous as more vehicles are rolling out every day. The devastation a car accident lays to a family is unimaginable. The losses are huge, may it be physical or emotional. If you or a loved one were injured in an auto accident, in order to get a valid claim, you have to file a case before the statutory time window. Otherwise, your claim will not be valid in court.

Insurance companies will try to play a trick on you into going for a small sum as settlement to keep you from filing a lawsuit. This deprives you from acquiring a much higher amount, which you merit.

Most car accidents happen as a result of the negligent actions and blatant violations of traffic laws by the driver at fault. That driver should also be responsible for the damages sustained in the crash. Some common reasons of car accidents are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless and aggressive driving
  • Disobeying traffic rules and signals
  • Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Using phones and texting during driving

Texas Law relevant to car accidents

The establishment of negligence is the best course for proving fault, when dealing with auto accident cases. The main elements that demonstrate negligence are:

  • Defendant’s liability towards plaintiff
  • Ignoring That liability
  • Causes That Affects due to defendant’s plaintiff disregard
  • Damages

The defendant’s answerability for the construct of negligence is demonstrated as something normal and wise person would not have done in a similar position or, did something like an unwitting person would do in that position.

If you have fallen victim to a car accident, contact us today for the best possible legal aid. We work on a no-win-no-pay basis.

Trucking Accident Attorneys, Ferris, DALLAS AND ELLIS COUNTY

Huge trucks, semis and 18-wheelers are a common sight on the Texan roads. It can be quite a bit daunting to have such a gigantic vehicle bucketing along you, particularly since the momentum of these trucks is much more potent than other vehicles.

Trucking accidents are handled by specialized trucking accident attorneys who can help retrieve your deserved compensation for the damages. It is quite an elaborate process to gather the damages in a trucking accident. An experienced truck accident attorney can aid you well in these claims.

Truck accidents can be disastrous and can leave extensive wounds or even cause death. Such unjustifiable accidents can occur through the cheap and foolhardy activities of the truck driver. Of the many accidents that involve trucks and trailers, most of them occur due to the following reasons.

  • Violation of road rules
  • Sleep and food deprivation
  • Reckless and inconsiderate driving
  • Malfunctioning vehicle and shoddy maintenance of the truck
  • Substance abuse and driving under influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Improper driver training

After a truck accident, more often than not, the trucking company and their insurance company may initiate an investigation to realize the state of affairs, and may handle the truck accident lays claims to cut down the compensation of those injured in the accident. Then again, Investigators of the State of Texas will also run an investigation, which would be aided by the truck accident attorneys from Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ferris.

Our attorneys and paralegals will:

  • Review camera or video footage (if available)
  • Interview witnesses at the scene of the accident
  • Examine the truck accident report
  • Examine Relevant medical records
  • Interview medical staff and other witnesses on the extent of the injuries and damages
  • Consult With various experts to reconstruct the accident scene and establish damages.

Our legal team will be by your side, make you mindful of your rights and help you file a lawsuit against the responsible, and assist you in claiming the maximum compensation the court allows to an accident victim.


  • Any expense the victim has to suffer in the form of medical overheads that involve surgeries, medical support and assistance in the form of devices, extended medical attention etc.
  • 1 their normal lifestyle. The victims may suffer disability that prevents them from working and earning, so compensation for loss of earning can be sought.
  • Victims can seek damages for the mental and physical trauma they suffer from the collision. The compensation would depend upon the nature of injuries and the extent of time the victim would have to suffer. Mental grief, trauma, distress and worry are grounds to claim damages.
  • Families or a spouse may lose a loved one through trucking accidents. In such cases, damages for denying the intimacy, companionship and affection (including sexual relations), which the deceased could have provided, are awarded.
  • If the defendant is found guilty of malice and the victim is able to establish that the crash was cause of intent and purposeful actions by the defendant, then the victim may be awarded punitive damages.


Losing someone you love is ever an unmanageable experience, but knowing that a loved one had to die due to the reckless actions of another can be crushing. You may be dragged down with grief and would be looking to recuperate from the emotional trauma and damages you endured.

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit that arises from the death of an individual that was caused by the misconduct of another. Unlike other personal injury claims, a wrongful death lawsuit is filed by a family member or the estate of the deceased.

The personal injury attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, in Ferris, Dallas and Ellis County, understand what you are going through and will support you in your time of grief. Our wrongful death attorneys are well prepared and experienced in such cases and have the resourcefulness to ensure that you obtain justice and compensation from the responsible party.


  • Direct cost Expenses – Medical bills and funeral.
  • Loss of Benefits – The pension / retirement benefits you would have got if the person was alive.
  • Loss of Future Earnings – The salary the person would have obtained if he / she was alive.
  • Loss of Companionship – Pain and suffering due to the loss of loved ones and the their emotional support he / she would Have provided if he / she was alive.
  • Punitive defendant’s Damages – Extend of punishment for the action that resulted in victim’s death.

Texas law ensures that you may receive the damages to the extent to jury finds it fair and just in relation to the injury that resulted from the decedent’s death.


Brain and head injuries are usual everywhere. Mostly traumatic brain injuries happen due to car wrecks, roof collapse during rollovers, ejection from a vehicle at high speeds, objects falling and striking the person, banging the head on the floor or in the inside of vehicles during collision, motorcycle accidents even while wearing a helmet, violent explosions, falls and other during many industrial and residential situations.

If you or your loved ones are victims of TBI, then you should attempt the help of a certified personal injury lawyer. Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, in Ferris, Dallas and Ellis County, will help you assess your TBI case and will allow for a legal team to battle for the justice you merit.

TBI can leave serious aftereffects like coma, paralysis, seizures, memory loss or even death. Our brain injury attorneys will help you identify the different causes and effects and aid you in filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. Generally, damages may be recovered for the following:

  • Medical care expenses
  • Inability to earn in the future
  • Deprivation of salary and paychecks
  • Physical pain and emotional trauma, including disabilities, disfigurement etc.

Our brain injury lawyers have more than six decades of experience with personal injury cases and are in a position to help you acquire damages for the injuries you bear. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether in Ferris or in Cedar Hills or anywhere else in Texas, our services are open to you.

Do not delay in approaching us if you have a brain injury lawsuit to engage at Ferris. Attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm have immense experience in managing composite cases of brain and head injuries, and will help you overcome any complicated case with successful results.

We will be happy to discuss with you, your rights relating to brain and head injury cases, free of charge.


In a workplace, the general contractor and subcontractor are responsible for any injuries that occur to a worker on account of the lack of safety and protection. Besides, equipment manufacturers can also be held responsible for faulty designs and machinery failures.

Clay Jenkins and Stephen Daniel are our prominent industrial and construction accident attorneys. They can aid you in reclaiming the compensation you merit. Relying on the case, the compensations can be attempted for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering etc.

Our personal injury attorneys have been dealing with such cases for a long time, and they have the resourcefulness to help you fight for your true monetary benefits. Our personal injury lawyers in Ferris will help you receive damages for medical expenses, loss of paychecks, recovery costs etc.


Mentioned here, are the different kinds of industrial and construction injuries that we deal with under industrial accidents in Ferris:

  • Power equipment malfunction and machinery failure.
  • Vapor explosions and inflammable chemicals.
  • Defects during power tool manufacturing.
  • Falls from scaffolding and ladders.
  • Exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals and asbestos.
  • Collapse of tunnels during mining excavations.
  • Improper working of conveyor belts..


All product manufactures are responsible for a certain level of standards when making their products. The most important one being safety. There are certain rules put forward by Federal and State regulatory authorities that will make sure these standards are met. But every now and then, products can malfunction, causing harm to people.

Products can show various types of defects, including manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects. All three types are serious offenses and the victim can move the court to seek enough damages if wounded due to a product liability.

Over the years, Product liability attorneys from Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, Ferris, have represented many consumers who were severely injured using defective products.

Common product liability cases involve:

  • Household and workplace products.
  • Farm equipment and machinery.
  • Failure of seatbelts.
  • Sports vehicles.
  • Explosions from gas tank.
  • Perilous automobile design.
  • Chemical substances like asbestos.
  • Products used for aviation.
  • Explosive products.
  • Furniture and children’s toys caused injuries.
  • Rollover of vehicles.


If you or somebody you know has endured any injury while on another person’s property, you can seek compensation for the damages sustained. This is effective whether you slipped and fell in the street or banged your head in the grocery store or was attacked by a dog or any other animal.

Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, in Ferris, Dallas & Ellis County, provides experienced and certified personal injury attorneys who can help you recover the damages for any loses you suffered whilst on someone else’s property. It is important to have a talented personal injury attorney to evaluate your case and to help you with your rights when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Texan law points that the complainant should demonstrate the accused’s actions if they seek to receive compensations. The injured person would have to prove that:

  • The premises was dangerous and presented unjustified harmful risk
  • The landowner was knowledgeable about the risks and danger
  • The landowner either failed in protecting the injured party or failed in providing adequate protection to the injured party prior to injury.


Though domestic animals may look modest and behaving, you may find yourself in a risky situation where your safety may be endangered. Our legal assistance can help you and your loved ones remain protected from such types of vicious animal attacks.

We will help you obtain decent compensation that you merit from the dog owner for such attacks/bites. The dog bite injury attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ferris, are well-experienced in deciding arguments and agreements with dog owners and their insurance company or litigation.


  • Dog owner’s negligence.
  • Contempt of leash laws.
  • Dog owner’s intentional behavior.
  • Exploitation of police dog by a police officer.
  • Inadequate care of dog due to failure in establishment of pet-sitting.
  • Malpractice on the part of veterinary.
  • Landlord’s responsibility over tenant’s animals.
AT Clay Jenkins & Associates, WE WILL:
  • Provide a free confidential consultation;
  • Answer your questions;
  • Assist you with the insurance claim process;
  • Handle the paperwork;
  • You will not be charged unless you recover;
  • Advance costs of your personal injury case;
  • Spanish speaking staff if needed;
  • Assist you with get seeking appropriate medical care; and
  • Provide legal advice and help with aspect of your case.

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