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Formed in 1948, Clay Jenkins and Associates Law firm has been a very integral part of the legal and general community of Texas. For six decades, we have been helping Texans to recover after personal injury cases and much more. We have a dedicated team of lawyers working together to bring justice to people who are suffering because of the negligence of others. They take each and every case as their most important case, analyzing its strengths and various view points, to give the clients the best service possible. Our services are available not only in Irving, but also all over Texas.

The law in Texas imposes a statute of limitations on any case occurring in the state. Meaning, if you are in a case and you want to file a claim, there is a limited window of time after which your claim may be rejected wholly. So, if you are ever in an accident or any other personal injury case, don’t think twice about giving us a call for a free consultation, at (972) 938-1234.



Millions of cars and miles and miles of road and not many days go by without us witnessing a car accident on the road. But we would never like to imagine us on the other of that scene. Such accidents can have disastrous effects on many people including their families and friends.

If you were an unfortunate victim of a car accident in Texas, contact us immediately.

Why Hire Us?

Our car accident attorneys are skilled in tackling car accident cases. We understand the multiple aspects that succeed a car accident and can help you determine whether there is a viable case, and if so, how to go about it.

The car accident lawyers at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Attorneys at Law, Irving, will work with you, your insurance companies and medical providers to collect the necessary documents, testimonials and evidences required to fight your case successfully.


For most car accident cases, the victim commonly relies on the notion of “negligence” to assert the guilt of the person responsible. In order to demonstrate it, the following key elements are adopted:

  • Accused’s obligation owed to the accuser
  • Infringement of that obligation
  • Imminent cause of the accuser’s damages by accused’s violation
  • Damages

To verify the negligence-based duty, the accuser is expected to prove that an action of the accused did not follow that of a normally sensible person practicing ordinary care under the same circumstances.


A complainant moving with a negligence of care should demonstrate that the defendant’s actions, or their lack thereof, haven’t met the required level of adequate care under the circumstances. It is all motor vehicle drivers’ legal duty to run their vehicle with sensibility and care, bearing in mind factors like weather, visibility and traffic conditions, at all times.


After demonstrating the obligation of care, the complainant’s next move would be to show how exactly the defendant’s actions, or lack of them, breached that care. The liability can be demonstrated through:

  • Evidence of violation of traffic law by defendant
  • Eyewitness testimonies at the scene of the accident
  • Testimony of the plaintiff
  • Evidence examination at the scene of accident

Truck Accidents Attorney, Irving, Dallas County

Trucks, semis and huge 18 wheelers can be an intimidating presence on the road and they can occasionally cause massive accidents on the road. If you or a loved one were injured in an auto accident, you can approach Clay Jenkins & Associates, truck accident attorneys to help you retrieve compensation for your damages and harms. The process of collecting compensations due from a trucking accident is a perplexed procedure, but our attorneys are well versed and experienced in the related legal affairs and can help you wade through the claims without hassles.

Trucking accidents are caused due to many factors like:

  • Reckless driving
  • Drunk drivers
  • Mechanical failures or vehicular defects
  • Improper training of truck driver
  • Driver fatigue, resulting in sleeping behind the wheel

All accused or their insurance company will seek to defend their interests in the case of a crash. They will try to scam you and limit you from attaining your lawful compensation by extending you a smaller sum.

Our truck accident attorneys in Irving will work with practiced investigators to study the place of the accident. We will gather evidences, interview spectators and pick up first-person accounts and will also document the drivers’ and truck’s history to prepare for your personal injury case.

In case the trucking accident has led to the death of a loved one, the personal injury attorneys of Clay Jenkins & Associates, Law Firm, Dallas County, will help you file a wrongful death suit against the incriminated.


Compensations from truck accident lawsuits are broadly divided into two: economic damages and non-economic damages. Depending upon the extent of damages and the circumstances surrounding the lawsuit, punitive damages can also be claimed.

There are different types of damages that can be recovered for trucking accidents:

  • Past or Current Medical Expenses: This involves the expenses incurred for hospital visits, medical appointments and care, supportive devices and assistance with approved medical professionals.
  • Medical Expenses Incurred in Future: This includes the expenses needed for medical attention following the accident. In some cases, the injuries suffered are severe and may require prolonged medical care.
  • Lost Wages: Extensive injuries suffered may disable a person’s profession or their ability to work permanently or temporarily. In such cases, the victim is legally presented with due compensation for their wages from the moment of the injury to the termination of the litigation.
  • Earning Capacity Loss: If the victim’s inability to earn a living following the accident is established, then the person can be awarded compensation. In this case, aside from considering the victim’s past wages, the amount of money which the victim would have obtained had the car accident not taken place is also established.
  • Suffering and Physical Pain: Damages for the physical injuries suffered during the crash. The degree of injuries, its nature, severity of pain and the time span the victim would have to suffer their injuries are all factored into calculating the indemnity.
  • Mental Angst: Compensation can also be given for the emotional and mental pain incurred during the truck accident. Damages for worry, grief, nervousness, humiliation, fright and other mental distresses are sought as recoveries.
  • Consortium Loss: A successful truck accident lawsuit can award an uninjured spouse compensation for nuptial benefits loss, which includes loss of comfort, sexual relations and affections.
  • In instances where the actions of the defendant are deemed to be malicious, intentional or willful in causing injury to the plaintiff, the victim may be liable to receive adequate fine.

If a truck accident has injured you or if a loved one has been involved in such accidents, either in Irving or anywhere in Texas that resulted in personal losses and injury, do not hesitate to contact us before the time limit runs out. Our truck accident attorneys will discuss with you free of charge and aid you through your legal rights, and make sure you get your due damages.

Wrongful Death Attorneys, Irving, Dallas county

A wrongful death claim arises from the death of a person that happened as a result of the negligent activities of another. This type of lawsuit is unlike other types because here it is not the victim that puts forward the claim but a family member or beloved of the deceased. Hence, a wrongful death lawsuit attempts to recuperate damages for the harms suffered by the surviving family or descendants due to the death of a close one. The wrongful death attorneys of Clay Jenkins & Associates, in Irving, emphasizes on cutting short the financial stress that the surviving members of the deceased would be bearing .

Our Wrongful Death Attorneys and Personal Injury Attorneys have been extremely successful in acting for families in Irving, Dallas County and across the state of Texas, so if you or a dear one is experiencing the tragedy of losing someone to a wrongful death, please call our personal injury lawyers without hesitation.


Texan law grants the victims of wrongful death to retrieve amends in different forms. According to the law, the complainant can recover compensation to the level that the jury views as fair and justifiable in relation to the damages suffered from the individual’s death.

  • Direct Expenses Incurred – The cost for medical attention and funeral expenses.
  • Loss of Benefits – Compensation for the loss of benefits which the deceased would have received when alive.
  • Loss of Wages – Compensation for the loss of financial earnings which the deceased would have obtained as salary had they lived.
  • Loss of Camaraderie – Compensation to the survivors for the loss of intimacy which the deceased would have been able to provide, which includes the loss of emotional support. The damages also cover the mental anguish, suffering and pain resulting from the demise.
  • Punitive Damages – The law charges the defendant with fine as a punishment for their actions leading to the death of an individual.

Contact our wrongful death attorneys in Irving, Dallas County, and learn about your rights and how to claim damages for your personal injury.


More than 2 million people suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) in America every year, according to official statistics. There are two main types of brain injuries – closed brain injury and penetrating brain injury. Closed brain injuries happen when the brain suffers damages due to heavy impact on the skull from falling, banging the head, sports injuries or automobile collisions. Penetrating brain injuries occur when the skull is injured from objects penetrating it, like bullet wounds, firearms injuries, impact from clubs etc.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur anywhere, anytime and in the most unpredicted manner. It could happen at home or at workplace or a construction site, and injuries happening due to the careless acts of others have a legitimate right to lawsuit.

Brain injuries can leave devastating results, often hindering the victim’s life and function permanently or temporarily. Generally, when a person, after enduring a head injury, starts expressing signs of disorientation, confusion, memory loss, headaches etc., there is a possibility of TBI and the victim should be hurried to the closest medical facility.

In each TBI case, there are several factors to look at when registering a claim. An experienced Irving personal injury attorney can help you with your rights and assist you with your case.

Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, Dallas County has had more than 60 years of expertise in furnishing legal service and advice to occupants of Irving as well as other parts of Texas. For our personal injury lawyers, the client comes first and we consider it to be a privilege to be your representative in court.


  • Head injuries from vehicular accidents
  • Accidental falls
  • Falling from fast moving vehicles
  • Injuries suffered by the roof and ceiling collapsing over the head
  • Injuries from objects falling on the head
  • Slipping and falling on the floor and banging the head
  • Extreme and high-intensity explosions


A disregard for safety regulations and non-compliance of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws causes a large number of people to get injured in construction and industrial work sites, every year.

For any personal injury case related to industrial and construction accidents, approach our personal injury attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm in Irving, Dallas County. Our industrial and construction accident attorneys will assist workers file any personal injury lawsuit against the company or person whose actions or lack thereof led to others being seriously injured severely.

Clay Jenkins and Stephen Daniel, outstanding attorneys in Dallas and the state of Texas, are senior personal injury attorneys of Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm. They have years of experience and skill in covering construction site accidents and have served victims acquire thorough compensation for their injuries.


The general causes of injuries that occur at a construction site are:

  • Failure and malfunction of heavy machinery and power tools
  • Accidental falls from ledges and scaffolds
  • Accidents while transporting goods
  • Mechanical risks
  • Exposure to dangerous radiation and chemicals
  • Extreme explosions

Contact Clay Jenkins & Associates construction and industry accident attorneys in Irving, Dallas County and talk about your personal injury case with them for free.


Product liability law can hold the manufacturer of the defective product responsible for defects. Anything from prescription drugs to power equipment can be involving or causing danger or risk if they are manufactured in an irresponsible manner.

Offenses happening from product defects are allowed no deviation from standard liabilities, that is, even if the accused is not neglectful in their actions he/she can be held responsible for any damage induced owing to a defect in the product. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective product, either at home or at your workplace, you need to confer with a product liability attorney.

Some common examples of product liability cases are:

  • Unsafe toys and furniture
  • Defective home products & electronic and power equipment
  • Defective seatbelts and airbags
  • Malfunctioning tools
  • Defects and malfunctions in workplace machinery
  • Defective medical equipment
  • Dangerous prescription drugs
  • Product recalls
  • Defective aviation products

The product liability attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, Irving can help you with your legal rights and assure that you get the compensation you deserved. Our product liability attorneys are well experienced and will diligently deal any personal injury case you may want to file.


A land owner is held answerable for carelessness, when that person dismisses the duty of care towards a tenant or visitor by failing to allow for enough security from a known danger. Since premises liability cases can be a composite process, hiring an expert on this interest, can help you with your legal rights.

Clay Jenkins & Associates, premises liability attorneys in Irving, are well-known for their superior skills in personal injury cases. They have experience in dealing cases like these and recuperating millions in amends for their clients.

Generally, a premises liability case can be filed only if the following are established:

  • Existence of danger in the property
  • Landowner having knowledge about the possibility of danger
  • Failure of land owner to protect the victim from danger
  • Irresponsibility of the landowner that lead to danger
  • Extent of injuries on the victim

Clay Jenkins & Associates, premises liability attorneys in Dallas County, are experts in taking on such cases and will help you recover any damages truly yours. These types of accidents are normally caused by:

  • Unsafe construction sites
  • Wet floors
  • Animal bites due to irresponsible handling by owner
  • Insufficient security of a property
  • Swimming pool mishaps
  • Accidents occurring inside a house
  • Mishaps in amusement parks and playgrounds
  • Unsafe public grounds, streets and roads


Attorney Clay Jenkins is an extremely achieved litigation attorney who specializes in condemnation cases. If you have a personal injury case to take to court, approaching our very own condemnation specialist will be of big help.

Clay Jenkins & Associates attorneys in Dallas County have the distinction of being the best personal injury lawyers in the state, having furnished years of services to families in Irving and across Texas. Attorney Clay Jenkins will work with you and assure that you relish the full worth of your assets and will see to it that you obtain proper compensation.

Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm has been operating for more than sixty years, and over the six decades of legal service, our attorneys have provided valuable service to companies and family owned ventures. Our personal injury legal team can provide you with the best condemnation and litigation services in Irving, and can assist you in evaluating and assessing the cost endured and risk managed in a litigation case.

Our condemnation & litigation attorneys will help you negotiate agreements, provide advice on arbitration settlements and assist you with litigation judgments.


Pet animals can be endearing and good company but if they become ill-mannered and aggressive and out of control, then they can cause serious damages. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an aggressive dog attack, then you need to approach a professional dog bite attorney for legal help.

Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, dog bite attorneys in Irving, furnish first-class legal assistance and help clients deal with their personal injury cases. They will help you file a personal injury law suit against the animal’s owner and make sure you are compensated for any injuries you suffered.

A dog bite attorney takes it as his duty to protect his client’s interest. In such personal injury cases, the attorney can prove that:

  • The negligent action of the dog owner caused the injuries
  • The dog owner disregards the leash laws present in the area
  • The dog owner’s actions were filled with malice.

If you suffered an injury from the bite of an out of control dog, then you can reach our personal injury attorneys for free. Talk about your case and learn your legal rights to attempt rightful damages.

AT Clay Jenkins & Associates, WE WILL:
  • Provide a free confidential consultation;
  • Answer your questions;
  • Assist you with the insurance claim process;
  • Handle the paperwork;
  • You will not be charged unless you recover;
  • Advance costs of your personal injury case;
  • Spanish speaking staff if needed;
  • Assist you with get seeking appropriate medical care; and
  • Provide legal advice and help with aspect of your case.

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