JB Hunt Transportation Accidents
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JB Hunt Transportation Accidents

JB HUNT Transportation Accident Lawyer

JB Hunt Transportation operates as a transportation company in the DFW area.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in a trucking accident in Texas, we may be of service to you in recovering compensation for your injuries and damages. The procedure for collecting amends in a trucking accident from JB Hunt Transportation can be strenuous; nevertheless, our attorneys have the knowledge to successfully litigate these types of claims.

How Our JB Hunt Transportation Accident Attorneys Can Help You?

If you or a loved one were injured in a trucking accident involving JB Hunt Transportation, there are numerous parties, including the driver and owner of the truck, who may be responsible for paying the damages; but even then, it is not rare for these parties to refuse guilt or liability for a collision. An attorney can help prove liability, collect evidence and help assure an attempt for compensation is made from the responsible parties.

Succeeding a crash, the company may start an investigation of the site. This company has particularized and detailed processes on dealing with truck accident claims, contrived to limit your recovery. The company may enter statements from spectators, take photos of the crash site, and study the vehicles to decide the level of damage made by the crash. Investigators with the State of Texas may also start their own probe in to the case. Our truck accident attorneys also work with experts to aid the official investigation.

After an accident, our attorneys and staff can:

  • Analyze camera or video recordings (if available);
  • Interview various witnesses;
  • Review the truck accident report;
  • Review relevant medical records;
  • Consult emergency medical staff and other witnesses on the extent of the damages; and/or
  • Consult with various experts to rebuild the crash scene and/or establish damages.

Multiple parties could be responsible for your injuries and damages in a trucking accident, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Truck driver;
  • Truck driver’s employer;
  • Truck owner;
  • Company renting the truck;
  • Proprietor of the trailer;
  • Company renting the trailer; and/or
  • Maker of the truck, trailer, or various components.

To help establish liability, our attorneys may look into:

  • The party with control over the truck;
  • Driving records and logs;
  • The amount of power the trucking company had on the driver;
  • The driving history of the truck and trailer;
  • Maintenance records and inspection records;
  • Breaches of Federal and Texas State laws concerning driving regulations;
  • Previous infringements of Texas State and Federal trucking laws; and/or
  • Previous criminal sentences.

To collect the compensation for your injuries, as well as other amends, we may have to negotiate with the other parties and possibly, register a truck accident lawsuit. In addition, if your loved one died in a trucking accident, you might be able to institute a wrongful death law suit.

Injuries in Trucking Accidents Involving JB Hunt Transportation

Injuries sustained in truck accidents can be severe, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, physical disfigurement, various types of burns, broken bones, lacerations, total or partial paralysis or even death.

Negligence in Trucking Accidents Involving JB Hunt Transportation

Lawsuits lodged to recover compensation for damages suffered from a trucking accident may be established on the negligence of the driver and/or company. Some usual indications of negligence include:

  • Poor driving experience;
  • Overloading trucks and trailers;
  • Driving oversized trucks and trailers on narrow roads;
  • Lack of visibility;
  • Failure to obey traffic laws in Texas; and/or
  • Driving too long without breaks, leading to driver fatigue.

In a negligence suit, the injured party will have to establish that the truck driver and/or trucking company had a responsibility of care to others on the roadway, the driver failed to meet this duty through some action or inaction and the breach of duty proximately caused the injury.

Wrongful Death in Trucking Accidents Involving JB Hunt Transportation

Many times, the victim does not make it, in a crash with an 18-wheeler. In some cases, the family may try a claim in place of their loved one to retrieve amends for their losses. Truck accident attorneys from Jenkins & Jenkins, P.C. can aid the kin to recover financial, non-financial, and, in some cases, punitive damages for the passing of their loved one. Our truck accident attorneys will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

The Damages That Can Be Recovered in a Trucking Accident

Compensation for damages ensuing a trucking accident is generally classified into two classes: economic and non-economic. Punitive damages may also be available depending on the circumstances.

The damages from a trucking accident may include the following:

  • Current (Past) Medical Expenditure: This may include expenses for emergency room visits, surgery, hospitalization, aiding devices and appointments with doctors.
  • Future Medical Expenditure: In most cases, the trauma suffered in a truck accident, are so grievous that they will demand lengthy medical care. The injuries may continue for life in some cases.
  • Lost Pays: Some injuries may be so big that they keep the victim from being to work – temporarily or permanently. The law allows retrieval of compensation for the salaries lost among the time of injury and the close of the lawsuit.
  • Loss of earning capability: If the victim can establish that the capability to make a living has been negatively affected, compensation may be allowed. While past salaries are studied in determining the sum of this award, the granting party will try to give the amount the victim could have made had the truck accident never occurred.
  • Suffering and Pain: This is compensation for the physical anguish endured as a result of injuries suffered in the crash. The type of the injury, the degree of the pain, and the duration the victim is required to suffer are all admitted in the computation of the award.
  • Mental Suffering: Victims can also be granted compensation for emotional trauma endured as a result of the accident. Mental anguish amends cover the victim for fear, embarrassment, nervousness, concern, sorrow and other types of emotional suffering resulting from the accident.
  • Loss of Consortium: If the truck accident suit is victorious, the uninjured partner may be able to retrieve amends for loss of marital welfares, including company, sexual relation, love and consolation.
  • Punitive damages may be relevant if the litigant’s activities resulting in the injury were willful, malicious, or deliberate. Punitive damages function to penalize the offender and deter such behavior in the future.

If you were in a truck accident in Texas, contact an experienced attorney as quick as possible. There is a fixed time before you have to file a claim for insurance and/or bring a claim against some other party. To know how our truck accident attorneys can help you, please contact us today.

AT Clay Jenkins & Associates, WE WILL:
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  • Handle the paperwork;
  • You will not be charged unless you recover;
  • Advance costs of your personal injury case;
  • Spanish speaking staff if needed;
  • Assist you with get seeking appropriate medical care; and
  • Provide legal advice and help with aspect of your case.

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