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How Pain and Suffering Is Determined in Texas

To understand how pain and suffering is determined in Texas, you must first know the difference between this and other types of damages. Unlike medical expenses and lost wages, pain and suffering does not have an easily definable monetary value. Therefore, you must assign a fair value to these damages based on factors other than cost. Doing so isn’t easy, as not everyone values pain and suffering in the same way.  For this reason, personal injury attorneys have developed more

What Happens if You do Not Report a Car Accident in Texas?

If you do not report a car accident in Texas, you may: Face legal consequences (if the accident is one you’re legally required to report) Lose valuable evidence in a future legal case  Allow an at-fault party to claim that you were responsible for the accident Even if an accident is minor, it’s generally smart to report it. Which Car Accidents in Texas Do You Have to Report? Per Texas Transportation Code §550.062, the police must file a report for any car accident in Texas more

Average Settlement for Car Accidents in Texas

If you were involved in a car crash, you are entitled to compensation if another party's actions caused the accident. If you sustained extensive injuries or personal property damage, you may wonder how much money you can get.  Unfortunately for those seeking, there is no average settlement for car accidents in Texas. Cases vary so widely that the only good indicator of the amount of money you could receive is the losses you suffered due to your accident. That's exactly what Texas& more

The Legal Proceedings Following a Car Accident

Most people do not have to navigate the claims process following a car crash more than once or twice in their lives. However, the unknown can make this a stressful and difficult process. Understanding the legal proceedings following a car accident can help to put you at ease and make everything seem less complex. Having an attorney on your side to represent you throughout this process can also be beneficial. The right car accident lawyer can help you take the right actions, understand more

7 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Some people believe navigating the insurance claims process after a car accident will be simple, quick, and easy. Occasionally, this is true. After a minor property damage crash, it may be possible to file your claim, prove fault, and get your money quickly. Things may be especially easy if you have collision coverage and your insurance company deals with the at-fault driver’s insurer.  When there are injuries and more severe damage, though, this is rarely the case. Insurance more

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