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At Clay Jenkins & Associates, Law Firm, we have been dealing with various personal injury cases all over the State of Texas since 1948. Our team of experienced and devoted legal professionals are trained with identifying the strengths and weaknesses of various personal injury cases in Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County. We assign two lawyers, a paralegal and an appropriate support staff for each case.

Our law firm concentrates on assisting individuals who have been harmed by the negligent acts of others. Comprising of top injury attorneys from Texas, we offer our discussions on personal injury cases free of charge. Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm has been successful in recovering tens of millions of dollars as compensation for our clients.

Practice Areas

Auto Accident Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Ovilla witnesses a lot of car accidents every year, and it causes massive physical, emotional and financial sufferings to the victims. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you have to file a personal injury case as early as possible. This is because there is a time restrain within which you will have to file a claim or lawsuit against the defendant.

At Clay Jenkins & Associates, Law Firm, if we handle your case then we do so with the condition that you pay us only if you recover your damages. To know about your legal rights, fill in our online form or contact us at 972-938-1234.

Why Hire Our Auto Accident Attorneys

Clay Jenkins & Associates provides well experienced car accident attorneys in Ovilla, to handle auto accident cases. Our vast experience with car accident cases and the knowledge in priorities following car accidents will assist you in the legal matters following a car accident and guide you through the procedures if you have a viable case to file.

Our auto accident attorneys will coordinate with the insurance companies and medical providers to gather all documents and evidences that are required to proceed with your case. Your approval is given utmost consideration by our legal team.

Handling Insurance Companies after an Accident

It is essential to know your own rights to prevent exploitation by an insurance company. Since the insurance companies usually cuts down the settlement to the least possible amount, learning your own rights from an experienced car accident lawyer will help you choose the right track.

Law Relevant to Car Accidents

In majority of the car accident cases, the notion of negligence of the defendant is what the victims rely on to prove their fault. The main factors that prove negligence are:

  • Defendant’s liability towards plaintiff
  • Ignoring that liability
  • Causes that affects plaintiff due to defendant’s disregard
  • Damages

The defendant’s accountability towards the concept of negligence is proved as something a normal and wise person would not have done in a similar situation or, did something like an ignorant person would do in that situation.

Proving Faults in Car Accidents

The most important job of the plaintiff is to prove the violations of the defendant, and to uncover how the defendant’s action harmed him/her. Medical records and other evidences like mental anguish, loss of earning capacity, pain, and other damages relevant to the condition are used to establish the plaintiff’s injury.

Trucking Accident Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Trucking accident cases are handled by truck accident attorneys who will help recover the plaintiff’s compensation for his or her damages and injuries. Though it is a complicated process to collect the damages in a trucking accident, an experienced auto accident attorney can easily assist you with these claims.

In many truck accident cases, the parties including the driver and their employer may refuse to admit the fault and deny liability. But a truck accident attorney can ensure you receive the deserved compensation without any hassles.

How Our Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You?

Generally during a truck accident, the trucking company and their insurance company may conduct an investigation to understand the situation, and may handle the truck accident claims to reduce the recovery of those injured in the accident. On the other hand, investigators of the State of Texas may also run an investigation, which would be assisted by the truck accident attorneys from Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla.

Our attorneys and paralegals will:

  • Review camera or video footage (if available)
  • Interview witnesses at the scene of the accident
  • Examine the truck accident report
  • Examine relevant medical records
  • Interview medical staff and other witnesses on the extent of the injuries and damages
  • Consult with various experts to reconstruct the accident scene and establish damages.

Parties who are likely to be held accountable for the injuries and damages in a trucking accident include:

  • Truck driver
  • Truck driver’s employer
  • Owner of the truck
  • Company leasing the truck
  • Owner of the trailer
  • Company leasing the trailer
  • Manufacturer of the truck, trailer, or various components.

To establish the damages suffered, our attorneys in Ovilla will investigate on the following factors:

  • The party which had control of the truck
  • Driving logs and driving records
  • The amount of control the trucking company had over the driver
  • The driving history of the truck and trailer
  • Maintenance records and inspection records
  • Violations of federal and Texas state laws regarding driving regulations
  • Past violations of Texas state and federal trucking laws
  • Past criminal convictions.

Your auto accident lawyer in Ovilla may file a lawsuit after referring the insurance negotiations to get the due compensation for the rest of your losses. Furthermore, if you lose a person in the trucking accident, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the defendant.

Negligence in Trucking Accident 

Negligence of the truck driver and/or company is another instant in which you can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for injuries and damages. The following are some of the reasons for the negligence of drivers:

  • Poor driving experience
  • Overloading trucks and trailers
  • Operating oversized trucks and trailers on narrow roads
  • Failure to see other vehicles
  • Failing to obey traffic laws in Texas
  • Driving for too long without taking a break leading to driver fatigue.

The negligence lawsuit also includes the driver’s and/or trucking company’s failure in duty of care to others on the roadway. The injured party will have to point out their failure in duty of care and breach of duty caused to injury.

Wrongful Death in Trucking Accidents

In most cases, the victim barely survives a trucking accident. When the family members approach us with a claim on behalf of their loved one, to recover damages, we help them in recovering economic, non-economic and punitive damages for their losses.

Damages That Can Be Sought In Trucking Accident

There are two categories of compensation provided for injuries and damages occurring from a trucking accident: economic and non-economic. In certain circumstances, punitive damages are also available.

Following are the common damages occurring from trucking accidents:

  • Current (Past) Medical Expenses: These are the expenses for room visits in case of emergency, surgery, appointments, hospital care and assistive devices that are approved by medical professionals.
  • Future Medical Expenses: Trucking accident injuries and damages are critical and hence it may involve extended medical attention and care.
  • Lost Wages: With some injuries the victim will be unable to return to work. In this situation, the law permits compensation for his lost wages between the time of injury and conclusion of lawsuit.
  • Loss of earning capacity: If the injuries had affected the victim’s earning capacity, compensation will be available. The past wages of the victim determines this award. The awarding party will look at the amount that the victim would have earned if the truck accident had not occurred.
  • Suffering and Pain: The pain victims suffered during injuries are considered here. While awarding compensation, nature of injury, extent of pain, time period of victim’s recovery etc are calculated to award the compensation.
  • Mental Anguish: Emotional trauma suffered due to truck accidents and the subsequent suffering of the victim, like, nervousness, grief, embarrassment, fright, worry, and other forms of mental stress are considered for compensations.
  • Loss of Consortium: The unaffected spouse can recover damages for the loss of marital benefits, like sexual relations, comfort and affection and companionship, if the lawsuit is successful.

Punitive damages are relevant for certain situations where the defendant’s actions are causing wilful, malicious or intentional injuries to the victim.

Consult our truck accident attorneys in Ovilla if you are involved in a truck accident. Since there is a time restrain to file a lawsuit against the defendant, contact us as early as possible.

To know more about how we can assist you in the case and about your rights after a truck accident, please fill out our case review form today.

Wrongful Death Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit that arises from the death of an individual that was caused by the misconduct of another. Unlike other personal injury claims, a wrongful death lawsuit is filed by a family member or the estate of the deceased.

This lawsuit is put forward to redeem the damages for the injuries the family has suffered due to the death of their loved one. So, in wrongful death cases, our attorneys’ main focus will be on curtailing the financial issues of surviving relatives of those who have died.

Our wrongful death attorneys and personal injury attorneys have successfully represented families in Ovilla and throughout Texas. Call personal injury lawyers at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla, to know your legal rights and to discuss your wrongful death case free of charge.

Damages for Wrongful Death 

  • Direct Expenses- medical bills and funeral cost.
  • Loss of Benefits- the pension/retirement benefits he would have got if he was alive.
  • Loss of Future Earnings- the salary the person would have obtained if he/she was alive.
  • Loss of Companionship- pain and suffering due to the loss of their loved ones and the emotional support he/she would have provided if he/she was alive.
  • Punitive Damages- extend of defendant’s punishment for the action that resulted in victim’s death.

Texas law ensures that you may receive the damages to the extent a jury finds it fair and just in relation to the injury that resulted from the decedent’s death.

Brain Injuries Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Brain and head injuries are common everywhere. Mostly traumatic brain injuries occur due to auto wrecks, roof collapse during rollovers, ejection from a vehicle at high speeds, objects falling and striking the person, banging the head on the floor or in the interior of vehicles during collision, motorcycle accidents even while wearing a helmet, violent explosions, falls and during many other industrial and residential situations.

One major symptom that shows whether a blow to the head has affected the brain is loss of consciousness. It can affect the victim’s brain either temporarily or permanently causing a complicated state of memory loss, ambiguities about date, location and time, headaches, disorientation and confusion etc.

Traumatic brain injuries can be complicated, often remaining incurable, leaving the victim in a helpless state. Continuous assistance and supervision will be required if the brain injury affects the victim’s physical and mental functioning. It would be next to impossible for a person with a serious head or brain injury to go back to their old lifestyles due to the permanent and lasting ill effects.

Brain injury lawyers of Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, Ovilla, have successfully handled many TBI cases and have been able to recover adequate compensation for our clients. We have helped many traumatic brain injury survivors to gain long-term care to recuperate and pursue their lives.

Don’t delay in approaching us if you have a brain injury lawsuit to pursue at Ovilla. Attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm have vast experience in managing complex cases of brain and head injuries, and will help you overcome any complicated case with successful results.

We will be glad to discuss with you your rights relating to brain and head injury cases free of charge.

Industrial Accident Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws are sometimes ignored by Industrial and construction worksites, which increase the probability of someone getting injured. If you suffer a personal injury at your workplace, then our industrial accident attorneys can surely help you out. Contact us as early as possible to know your rights since time is of great importance here.

Clay Jenkins and Stephen Daniel are our prominent industrial and construction accident attorneys who can assist you in recovering the compensation you deserve. Depending on the case, the compensations sought can be for medical bills, lost wages, suffering and pain etc.

Our law firm is well versed with various industrial accident claims and lawsuits, and has experience in representing numerous business clients and insurance companies. Industrial accident attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla, are well informed with the laws that are required to manage the safety of a workplace, and can help clients file their claims accordingly.

Common Construction and Industrial Injuries

Following are the various kinds of industrial and construction injuries that we deal with under industrial accidents in Ovilla:

  • Power equipment malfunction and machinery failure
  • Vapour explosions and inflammable chemicals
  • Defects during power tool manufacturing
  • Falls from scaffolding and ladders
  • Electrocution
  • Exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals and asbestos
  • Collapse of tunnels during mining excavations
  • Improper working of conveyor belts.

Product Liability Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Our team of dedicated product liability lawyers at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla, are glad to help you anytime to get legal representation and compensation in product liability cases.

At the time of manufacturing, a product has a probability to show defects. It can be the component parts’ manufacturer, assembling manufacturer or wholesale dealer or retail owner accountable for this defect. Whoever that may be, our personal injury attorneys are always ready to help you through the right way to recover damages and hold the right people responsible for your misery.

Over the years, Product liability attorneys from Clay Jenkins & Associates Law Firm, Ovilla have represented many consumers who were severely injured using defective products.

Common product liability cases involve:

  • Household and workplace products
  • Farm equipments and machinery
  • Failure of seatbelts
  • Sports vehicles
  • Explosions from gas tank
  • Perilous automobile design
  • Chemical substances like asbestos
  • Products used for aviation
  • Explosive products
  • Furniture and children’s toys caused injuries.
  • Rollover of vehicles

Premises Liability Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla, has a team of experienced premises liability attorneys who will provide fierce legal representation for your premises liability case. Liability practices mainly cover injuries that occur in hotels, office buildings, grocery stores, streets and sidewalks, construction sites and at any commercial business or residential locations.

Injuries while shopping, visiting neighbour or while driving to construction sites are also considered to be within premises liability cases. Some common areas where premises injury can occur are:

  • Water spilled on the floor
  • An abandoned construction area
  • A dog bite or a bite from other pet animals of negligent owners
  • Insufficient security
  • Retail shop
  • Private home and public road
  • Water parks
  • A bar

Condemnation and Litigation Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Clay Jenkins & Associates has been handling land law cases for landowners in Ovilla, and across Texas for many years. Condemnation and litigation services were the first practice area with which our very own Clay Jenkins got into the industry.

We ensure you complete power to own your private property with proper assistance. Take advantage of our 66 year old legal condemnation services and recover compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Let us assist you to evaluate your cost and risk

The attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla, have years of experience in dealing with clients that include companies from family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. You can rest assured that your personal injury case will be handled well by our competent legal team.

Conflicts regarding financial issues among partners are very common in multi-owner businesses. Our team will interact with you to resolve and make apt decisions on agreements and settlements regarding negotiation and arbitration and convictions on a particular lawsuit.

Dog Bites Attorneys, Ovilla, Dallas and Ellis County

Though domesticated animals may seem meek and behaving, you may find yourself in a hazardous situation where your safety may be compromised. Our legal assistance can help you and your loved ones remain protected from such types of vicious animal attacks.

We will help you obtain adequate compensation that you deserve from the dog owner for such attacks/bites. The dog bite injury attorneys at Clay Jenkins & Associates, Ovilla, are well-experienced in settling arguments and agreements with dog owners and their insurance company or litigation.

Seek Compensation for the Following Situations

  • Dog owner’s negligence.
  • Contempt of leash laws.
  • Dog owner’s intentional behaviour.
  • Exploitation of police dog by a police officer.
  • Inadequate care of dog due to failure in establishment of pet-sitting.
  • Malpractice on the part of veterinary.
  • Landlord’s responsibility over tenant’s animals.

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  • Spanish speaking staff if needed;
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  • Provide legal advice and help with aspect of your case.

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