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Gas Explosions in Ellis County Texas


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Residential Explosions Due to Natural Gas – Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas

A natural gas explosion is more often than not the result of negligence by an individual or a company. A gas explosion, whether a natural gas or propane, is due to a gas leak combined with an ignition source. The negligent act could cause the leak or the ignition of the gas.  The negligent act could have occurred due to design, manufacture, installation, inspection, improper repair or maintenance.

Experienced Lawyers for Gas Explosions

We have a great deal of experience handling gas explosion cases. We have a number of local and national gas safety experts who use their expertise to ascertain the origin of the gas leak and the cause of the explosion.

Residential propane gas explosions, natural gas explosions, and house fires cause a number of catastrophic injuries, serious burns, significant property damage and deaths every year throughout Texas. Our attorneys know and understand the necessary laws and regulations that govern natural gas safety which enables them to help clients in resolving claims for the benefit of our clients.

If you have been injured due to a natural gas explosion in a residential home, please contact us now to learn your rights.

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